Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Basic Bull!

Hello, introweb world, am I ever so excited to say.... Welcome to my blog. I have been moseying around the blogosphere for awhile now, and can't wait to be apart of it! I have been enthralled and inspired by so many lovely people. I have always enjoyed journaling, and can't wait to have my own little space on this massive world we call the internet. OKay, here is a bit about myself and somethings you may see here..  

Basic Info:
I currently live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Where I study Earth Science/Biology, secondary education. I hope to complete my BA in 2013. It has taken me sometime to complete this long awaited goal and I can not wait to start a new chapter in my life! Most of my classes are taken in Rood Hall, it is basically the Geoscience and Math Department. There are many fascinating rocks and minerals to ponder upon. This is located outside an entrance, one of my favorites: 

Michigan Copper Erratic 

***This rock was formed in the upper peninsula in the Precambrian period, during this time the geology consisted of volcanic rocks. Mass copper deposits were dispersed in fractures. Way cool! I hope to take an adventure vacation up north this summer. 

Things you will see here:
*Crafting and such: I have been collecting art supplies for sometime now in hopes to spark my creative juices. Already this year I have made several things and hope to keep up the pace! You will see everything from sewing projects to homemade meals! Here is my work space, a bit messy but well loved...

*Entertainment Reviews: Music, Art, Movie, Television, and everything in between. I usually go to at least a few bigger named artist each year and, also attend many local shows. I love the connection and feeling you get after watching an artist live. It is more powerful than words. My favorite show I attended last year had to be Bright Eyes. I have been infatuated with this band for a decade now, and will never be displeased with Conor's work. 

Bright Eyes 2011, Detroit MI
Mini Questionnaire:

1.) What's your style? Vintage Modern 
2.) Follow up, Favorite Store: Either the thrift store, or the internet. I spend so much time window shopping on here, that it's hard for me to find what I am looking for anywhere else.
3.) Where do you spend your time? Student at WMU, and I serve tables. I have worked in the service industry for a long time now, somedays I love it, other days not so much. However, I always show up with a smile on my face. 
4.) Any Pets? Oh boy, do I ever love animals. I have two tabby cats, Estelle and Miles Davis Jr jr! My roommate/cousin has a chocolate lab, Thor. They are all pretty darn cute.
5.) What are you reading? Back to Work by Bill Clinton, and Human Physiology galore (class text)! I also read a ton of internet comics, magazines, newspapers, etc..
6.) Consumables, what do you eat? Well, I eat a lot at the restaurant I work at, luckily there is a vast amount of tasty foods to choose from. I try to make a few meals a week, fresh homemade food is my absolute favorite, nothing beats it! I also try to buy local and organic as much as possible, someday I will grow all of my own consumables. 
7.) Why blog? The biggest and number one reason I want to begin an adventure in blogging is for me! I think it's so neat that you can document your life. It's like leaving your own stamp of you. Having a space to show how you see the world, is something I definitely want to be involved in, and something quite special. I enjoy many different things, especially science. Hence the name Eclectic Charge. 

Welcome. and. Enjoy. 

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